Coldspell Refrigeration Compressed Air Dryers

Drain Valve-Timer Type - Series CTD


The CTD valve series represents the ultimate in valve performance. Decades of experience of valve manufacturing have allowed us to identify the issues commonly associated with drain valves and undertake the necessary improvements required. Today the CTD valve incorporates an ultra-reliable MCU,which features dual control of both drain cycle and drain valve open-time. The oversized orifice design and a specifically designed solenoid operator section allow rapid discharge of dust and particles.

  • All new Mechanical clean function
  • Proven Reliability
  • All digital Electronic Circuit for time control
  • Water proof IP 55 enclosures, ideal for outdoor installations
  • Adjustable Drain and Cycle times
  • CE Approved

The drain is controlled by a timer. The timer module periodically activates the valve. The valves are designed for dirty liquid and handle all types of condensate. These direct acting models have 2.5 mm orifice. The timer has adjustments for both Drain and cycle time. Further there is manual flush button to drain excess condensation if required.


Trident condensate timer drain valves are suitable for all compressed air systems like:

  • Receivers
  • Dryers
  • Heat Exchangers