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Micro Filter Manufacturers

Cleansweep Medical Vacuum Filters are Vacuum filtration equipment manufactured for medical use. Contaminants found in Vacuum lines include hospital waste and other biological fluids. Cleansweep Medical Vacuum Filters remove all these contaminants.

Trident Medical Vacuum Filter Series

    Trident Medical Vacuum filter series are designed to remove the liquid, solid and bacterial contamination from the suction side of the vacuum pump and the potential biological infection of the surrounding environment. It Complies with HEALTH TECHNICAL MEMORANDUM 2022

    The filter elements and housings are designed for medical use and can be utilized in hospitals, pharmaceutical laboratories, dentist’s surgery and other critical areas.

    These are Installed on suction side of vacuum pump to remove bacteria and prevent contamination to the pump and atmosphere.

    Biological liquids are collected in a transparent drain flask, which can be easily removed for sterilization. The flask should be visually inspected daily and removed for cleaning and sterilization. The filter element must be replaced at least every6 months or when the pressure drop reaches 100 mbar.(ΔP gauge,pointer moves to Red)

    The efficiency of the installed filter elements exceeds the 0.005% penetration specified in HTM 2022 for infectious disease units, when tested in accordance with BS 3928.


    Vacuum from the system enters into the filter through inlet port. Vacuum free of impurities and contaminants is delivered by the filter through the outlet port. The head unit houses the vacuum inlet and outlet of the filter with the differential guage mounted on the top.

    This gauge indicates the pressure drop across the filter. The gauge is provided with two dials for convenience. When there is a flow of compressed air through the filter, the needle of the gauge indicates the pressure drop qualitatively.

    If the filter element within the Cleansweep Medical vacuum Filter is clean, the pressure drop across it is low, and the needle is in the green region. The impurities from incoming vacuum accumulate within the filter element, and the pressure drop increases. When the needle is in the red region, the pressure drop is high, and the filter element needs to be changed. To ensure that required filtration level can be met.

    Biological fluids in the Vacuum, collects in the filter, along with oil, during operation. The oil and fluid are discharged periodically through the outlet. Biological fluids collects in the Drain flask is easily detached from the system by closing the Ball valve and it is kept into the autoclave, then it can be used again.