Coldspell Refrigeration Compressed Air Dryers

Custom Solutions


Custom Solutions engineers design product packages to suit customer specs. Customisation services include :

  • Packaging of Air Dryers, instruments and other subsystems. We provide design calculations, detailed engineering outputs to meet the stringent requirements of all leading project consultants
  • We develop products to meet OEM applications. A few examples are:
    • 7 scfm, 70 bar(g) compressed air dryer for leak testing machines
    • Highly intermittent duty cycle air dryer for circuit breaker applications
    • High pressure - 100 scfm , 70 bar compressed air dryer for aircraft cabin pressure testing
    • Dryers for Railway locomtives
    • Dryers for off road vehicles
  • We provide services to customers in the areas of Engineering management, New product design, detailed engineering, piping,testing and validation. We have qualified engineers and well established lab in the area of Pneumatics, Compressed air control and automation systems, filters, dryers etc.
  • We are specialised in following model air dryers.
    • Custom made Heat less Air dryer
    • Blower reactivated Dryer-300m3 /hr to 10,000m3/hr
    • HOC
    • No loss Split Flow
    • Hybrid Dryers
    • High Pressure heat less desiccant dryer (40 to 400Bar)
    • Large capacity and low pressure Refrigeration Dryer (2000m3/hr to 15,000m3/hr)
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