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For over two decades now, we at Trident Pneumatics have been developing innovative product solutions in the field of Air Treatment. This has resulted in various products like air dryers, drain valves, Nitrogen Generators, Oxygen Generators, Filters etc, some of which are patented. Our infrastructure with modern equipment and facilities ensure quality products which meet stringent requirements of the industry. Trident has an effective sales and service network in India and abroad.Our products are exported to several countries.

With our proficient design & development team and up-to-date facilities, we have successfully faced up to challenging tasks in our area of expertise. Today, as the largest exporter of compressed air treatment products in India, our products encompass water separators, drain Valves, dryers, filters and breathing systems that ensure optimum purity levels.


On August 5th 2010, an earthquake caused a significant cave-in at the Chilen Copiapó copper gold mine which trapped several miners 700 meters below ground surface. During the first two weeks, the fate of the debris-imprisoned workers was unknown. Only after 17 days the rescues acknowledged the presence of 33 survivors. During the 69 days of underground confinement, the miners relied on a life support system supplied by a US Company, which incorporated Trident Dryspell breathing air treatment equipment.

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We are committed to design and manufacture Compressed Air Dryers, Drain valves, Filters and other Air Treatment products for Industrial applications, Locomotives and Trucks and render services of excellent quality to meet customer expectation...


Fueling our passion for excellence is our vibrant team of people who bring with them varied exposure to the technical nuances of product development. Our collaborative six sigma methodology to product development enables us ...